Notes page for K1NQ's 
YCCC 6 Band Receive Bandpass Filter



Original article as previously published on the YCCC web -

6-Band RX Bandpass Filter (pdf)   (updated 2007-Mar-14)
by David Jordan, K1NQ

Notes and Updates (pdf)
This file contains all the files listed below in one document - 4 December 2008  

W3LPL article on K1TTT website



Performance Data -

Band plots from K1NQ (pdf) 7 November 2007

SWR plots from K1NQ (pdf) 14 January 2008


Construction Notes -

PTT Circuit from KK1L  Schematic (jpg) 4 Dec 2008
25 mSec delay
, Fast on / slow off on port 1, Slow on/ fast off on port 2 to help sequence the 6BPF
Input and output caps are 200V, Delay caps are 16-25V

Notes from N8RA (pdf)  (.doc file)- Revision 3.0,   10 October 2007 - Reverse D5, Change transistors, Cap sizing, Jumpers, wire size for L1-3, make C18 and C19 parallel, Jumper P3-P7 help, PCB spacers, J3 male on chassis

Inductor construction table (pdf)  (.xls file) updated 29 August 2007, all bands now included

Mechanical Parts placement (pdf) for the TenTec custom enclosure   updated 28 August 2007

Updated Parts list (pdf) (.xls file)- updated 10 October 2007

Three modifications from N8RA (pdf) (.doc file) 1 - LEDs too bright, 2 - Lower SWR when off, 3 - Add AUX RX Antenna    - 29 January 2008


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